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Running Slow, but Never Dry - 2020 - Single

Released: 2020

This song has been in our repertoire for a while, it’s a song about not giving up when you’re battling depression. We intended to record the song sometime this year in a studio, but with covid-19 plans changed. So we resorted to our home-studios and made it a quarantine recording. The double-meaning is not lost on us, since the pandemic also impacts social lives and has no doubt also been a blow for people battling depression.

Running Slow, but Never Dry is available at:


Sit back or get wrecked
Get a beating
Always stand up tall
Sins to be sung for
all that we wanted to
When we were young

All memories
Like wounds too sore
Times closing in
I just want more

Got stuck, got fucked
Got a feeling
This will last a while
Stung by the last thought, right into my heart
Turning the tide

I kept the strain
off of my face
Smiled through the hurt
I want this more

Wicked at heart
More dumbs than smarts
Loyalty wavering as soon as it fits you
You’re not as bright as you think you are

With days gone by
Years a telltale sign
It’s running slow
but never dry
A vault so close
Filled up with gold
Just near the end
Of the rainbow


Recorded at:
Home 😬
Mixing and Mastering:
Tjarko Busink
Video editing:
Pelle Kuipers

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