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Black Thorn - 2021 - Single

Released: 2021

While our first single Running Slow, But Never Dry was recorded in the safe bedrooms of the band members, We dove into Rocktown Studio for Black Thorn. The mix was delivered by Menno Plaum, who received his degree as Pro Audio Engineer and Music Producer cum laude with Black Thorn as his graduation assignment.

Black Thorn is about the darkness that can be found inside of you. It’s about the impulses that make you decide to do things that aren’t beneficial to you as a person, and about how this darkness comes in many shapes and sizes; hidden in between thoughts and impulses you thought were good.

Black Thorn is available at:


Stay away from me, see
I’ve been caught inside these
Walls I call my own
Riddled with black thorns

Feeds you riddles to find
All good turns you blind
A serenade off key
What never was won’t be

Leave, from center stage
No more confusion now
End of the day

Fiend, the one you feed
Keep you awake, while you wanna sleep

Fractures in the glass shell
Always there to show and tell
The dark never did fade
It just stood hidden in shame

Dressed as a familiar friend
Always there to lend a hand
A foe with hidden cost
I’m slowly falling apart again


Recorded at:
RockTown Studio
Menno Plaum
Menno Plaum

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